Hi, I am Casey Berman

I’m a native San Franciscan and a UC Berkeley graduate. I also went to law school here at UC Hastings College fo the Law. I'm a NorCal kid through and through.

I’m a husband and father. We have a lot of pets. I like running with my dog, writing, playing basketball and people. Most people know me from the work I do at Leave Law Behind, helping unhappy attorneys to transition to new careers (like I did). I also do strategy and research work with a consulting company called Slalom.

I started this blog with the goal of sharing what I have learned from my career, from raising a family, from my relationships with friends and from being married. For many years, I held onto beliefs that limited me and held me back. Still do! A big part of me wants to project a certain image to the world, and align with a certain identity, that I think makes me look good. But it only makes me feel weak, as I have unwittingly constructed these facades only to protect me.

Some folks may not like what I write about. But I hope it resonates with others and helps them. 

One important lesson I've learned is that you only need to think differently and realize that the reason you feel you are powerless is because you gave that power away.

And since you gave that power away, you can rightly reclaim it. I write about how you can do just that. To make your personal life better, to perform better at your current job or to transition to a new career you love and are good at.

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