You don't need to be saved. You don't need to be helped.

You only need to heal. You only need to think differently and realize that the reason you feel you are powerless is because you gave that power away.

And since you gave that power away, you can rightly reclaim it.

I write about how you can do just that.


At, we empower and engage you to become your ideal self.


At, we envision a new life for each and every one of us, full of ease, comfort and success, and free of suffering, limiting beliefs and fear.

About Casey

I did everything "right" in my professional life, everything I was "supposed" to do. Until I was 30 years old and realized I was still scared, held down by limiting beliefs and not helping the world as I best I could through my "successful" jobs. 

I began first by helping those just like me - unhappy attorneys to leave the law. I founded a business called Leave Law Behind. Through that, I have helped hundreds of attorneys transition to their dream career out of the law and become more fulfilled, healthy and happy. I want to help you do the same.